We produce your models in children, men and women’s clothing with the producers approved by the leading brands in Europe. Detailed monitoring and control of our products before and after production is done by our expert team. That’s why, the risks in the production phase are minimized. We are working as a solution partner with the leading manufacturer companies of Turkey in various kinds of knitted fabrics such as suede, velvet, towel, ribana, polar, wellsoft, interlock, royal rib, 2 and 3 yarns. We offer our own ready-to-wear products as well as give our knitted fabrics to the manufacturers.

AS MMT INFO Representative and Consulting Service Domestic and Foreign Trade LLC, we moved our knitted fabric production experience to ready-to-wear products in 2015. Our first collection had a great interest from all women. That’s why, we have taken an important step towards becoming a brand that all women around the world can not give up. We use knitted fabrics which we produce in our products. Our knitted fabrics are prepared by natural ways. All our products are prepared in accordance with human health. All of our products are manufactured and delivered to you with perfect workmanship using materials in accordance with quality standards. The trends of fashion world are closely followed and our products which are revealed as a result of special design are waiting for you. The main target in women’s clothing is the large size women. We offer a wide range of products for large size women’s clothing.

How about you to be a member of our growing family who are opening up to the world every day and to step together in the future? You can contact to place our garment products on your store shelves or to get dealership.