Our company produces all kinds of fabrics that you need about knitted fabrics. Our expertise and customer potential is on knitted fabric. We continue to work with the confidence of being among the most experienced companies in knitted fabrics.We work with Turkey’s high quality, reliable producers. We make production on behalf of Europe’s leading brands and realize process follow-ups. Together with our foreign business partners, we add value to our country.

Our fabrics are produced by natural ways, they do not harm human health. We are proud of selling many products that we produce to the leading of Turkey.

Fabrics produced by our company

  • Single Jersey; Circular knitting machines using cotton or cotton yarns and flat knitted fabrics produced by using a flat on one side and reverse fabric is knitted with reverse stitches.

  • Velvet and Towels; It is a soft fabric obtained by leaving the raw material fibers to be covered in certain lengths during knitting.

  • Ribana; It is a double-layered fabric produced by double-plated knitting machines, lid and cylinder needles placed crosswise to each other.

  • Polar and Wellsoft; It is a very soft fabric produced using polyester yarns.

  • 2 and 3 Yarns; The front and back sides are different. The front side has a supreme look but the back side is jumpered and has thick yarn threads.

  • Interlock; This is a double-layered knitted product obtained by placing the cover and the cylinder needles in a mutually and perpendicular arrangement. At the same time we operate in the field of steel interlock fabric production

  • Royal Rib; Our product group which has single stranded, pearly and coarse-knit appearance obtained by placing double-plated Interlock and Ribbons machines and hanger and loop movements in an appropriate manner in the mesh

  •  We produced circular knitting polyamide polyester fabrics used in swimwear and underwear.

    All of these fabrics are having pruduced to manufacturer firms by our company