Who we are

Our company, which started its commercial life with the aim of giving representation and consultancy services as a private company in Istanbul, Turkey in 2009 is started to serve with the name MMT INFO REPRESENTATION AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES INTERNAL AND FOREIGN TRADE LTD. We provide consulting and agency services for many companies with our expert team. We also provide services such as research, sales, marketing, technical support, procurement and control. We are proud to partner with successful companies in investments and projects. MMT INFO serves with different brands in textile and food sector as well as representation and consultancy services.

Our basic aim is to provide our customers with the research, control, procurement, follow-up and consultancy services they need during the procurement or marketing of their products and to make all necessary agreements related to this subject. Our company is helping its customers in a fast and accurate way with a team of expert staff with all the information and accumulation necessary to provide a better service. Our expert team offers you the most suitable solutions for you in many subjects such as sales management, market analysis and investment valuation.

We serve in the textile sector with MMT info brand in outerwear. Our brand, which was founded in 2009, presented its first collection in 2015. With our first collection we presented, we made an important step towards becoming a popular and preferred brand. The basic target of our products which are specially designed with our knitted fabrics are the customer happiness. As MMT İnfo, our basic aim in this area is to be a brand preferred by all women and men around the world, not only Turkish women and men love and prefer. We are moving forward with sure steps to become a leading position in the field of clothing industry. We sell frozen yogurt, ice cream and coffee with our Yogoland brand in the food sector. You can reach our stands and products in the leading districts and shopping malls of Turkey.