Our Brands

In a variety of commercial matters, such as purchasing or marketing of products, the necessary work needs to be carried out quickly and accurately. There is a need for agency and consultancy services for this.

MMT Info was established in Istanbul in 2009, starting from this need. We are your solution partner on the way to your success. We are honored to see you among the valuable customers of MMTInfo

Our firm, which provides representation and consultancy services to many investors and investors with our expert team, also provides sales, marketing, research, control, technical support procurement services. Apart from our representation and consultancy services, we are serving in textile and food sector with our two brands in our company.


Our main target in this area is to introduce frozen yogurt, an unknown dessert in Turkey and to make it popular. Yogoland is an excellent alternative dessert. Yogoland, which is lean and healthy with the highest quality, is a frozen yogurt with low calorie. Frozen yogurt, flavored and colored with vanilla, chocolate and fruit is a quality product that can take the ice creams place . Yogoland frozen yoghurt is a light dessert with high nutritional value and low calorie being prepared with special machine using high quality products.


Fofico is another brand we serve in the food sector. It is a stylish and cozy place where you can taste the unique taste of the world’s most distinguished coffees. Our basic goal with Fofico is to be a favorite brand for our customers. We provide an environment where our clients can chat and have a good time with their high quality cofees.