Our Vision

As MMT INFO REPRESENTATION AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES INTERNAL AND FOREIGN TRADE LTD. we trust in the future and in ourselves. Our aim is to improve our services and brands in a social, economic and environmental way wherever we operate to create a better future than we are today. It is an important part of our vision to create a sustainable brand value with the activities that will be useful to the community.

Respectful and Honest Service

To continue to do our job in the right way, to own it and to do it honestly.

To stand behind the words we give and make it a habit to do.

To make our team and ourselves constantly open to development.

Effectively use our creativity and the requirements of developing technology.

To act consistently, transparently and honestly in the future as it is today in all our relationships. In this way,establishing long-term relationships .

Introducing new and exquisite tastes to the Turkish market with Yogoland Mark

To create a system that focuses on customer satisfaction in the Turkish market with Fofico, to create a nationally recognized and valuable brand

We aim to make companies that have the rights of Turkish name a national value.